Sonic Unleashed screenshots released


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Screenshot’s of Gameloft’s upcoming mobile Sonic adventure, Sonic Unleashed, have been posted on the net.

It uses the night and day structure from its console big brother, meaning that you get to control two versions of Sonic in two different types of level.

From Project Next’s video preview of Sonic Unleashed, you can see that the series’ classic action is back though, and as fast as ever. The game includes 11 zones to tear through, which should keep even Sonic veterans happy for a good long time.

Although Sonic has fallen from grace on consoles in the last few years, with release after release being of pretty substandard quality, the blue one’s charms have stayed fresh on mobile. This will be Gameloft’s first Sonic game, and we’ve every confidence that they’ll pull it off. Check out the video below if you need more convincing. For more screenshots, take a look at the post on Project Next.


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