Set a photograph as Wallpaper on the Nokia N95


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Although the Nokia N95's photographs look great blown up they also look great as wallpaper on your screen. So why not use a picture of loved one, best friend or favourite view as a backdrop to all that you do on your phone?

First go to the Gallery by pressing the side key on the right edge of the phone. Now choose a photo to hghlight.

While viewing your selected photo choose Options with the left Selection key, then use the Scroll key to highlight ‘Use image’ and click. Click on ‘Set as wallpaper’. Wait while the phone says ‘Loading image’ then use the right Selection key several times to go back to the main screen and see what your chosen image looks like as wallpaper.

You might find it helpful to rotate images in the Gallery before choosing them as Wallpaper. To do this while you are viewing the image choose Options with the left selection key then choose ‘Rotate’, then choose either ‘Left’ or ‘Right’.

To delete any Wallpaper Chosen. Access Tools then Settings. Choose General and then Personalisation. In the Personalistion menu choose Themes and then Wallpaper. You can then switch back to the Default image, choose another Photograph or a downloaded image as your Wallpaper.

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