Rolando leaving the App Store


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Ngmoco has revealed that the now-classic iPhone game Rolando will be leaving the App Store when Rolando 2 is released.

We can understand that the publisher wants to make sure Rolando 2 feels the full warmth of the App Store’s spotlight when the new game is released, but we can’t help but feel a pang of sadness as our old friend Rolando sets sail for distant lands.

It’ll be pulled off the App Store on July 1st, the release date for Rolando 2, so make sure you’ve bought it by then if you’re planning on a bit of foregrounding for the new game.

Ngmoco told Touch Arcade that the game may well be back in the future, but that it’s no certainty, and that if it does, it’ll be back with Plus+ support, which is the iPhone’s answer to Xbox Live.

Rolando is a game that’s been added to expansively since its release back in December. A host of secret levels were added in a series of updates designed to keep the buzz for the series afloat in the run up to Rolando 2’s release. Although its sequel will no doubt improve upon the original Rolando, we’d still recommend giving it a download before its swiped away, never to return (possibly).

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