Palm Pre arriving in September


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Palm’s first webOS-powered handset, the Pre, is reportedly due to launch in Europe in September.

Given the hype surrounding the launch of this handset, it seems unbelievable that we haven’t heard anything solid in terms of release date from either the usual leaks or Palm itself.

According to GSMArena.com that might now have changed with the official Romanian Palm distributor spilling the beans on pricing and release info.

The distributor in question, IRIS, claim the Pre is due to go on sale at the end of September 09 for around €400 for the SIM-free option. If this is accurate it’s good to finally get some kind of inkling as to when the 3.1-inch touchscreen will be arriving.

We reported a few weeks back that O2 is claiming to have nabbed exclusivity rights for the Pre’s launch here at home, but we’ve still had no word on how long this deal will last.

We’re not expecting this leak to coax Palm into confirming the release date just yet, but soon people, soon.

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