Nokia 5530 officially launched


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Nokia has revealed that the next XpressMusic handset, the 5530, will arrive before the end of September this year.

Amidst the swathes of Samsung and Nokia announcements this week, the cut-down, 5800XM-alike nearly passed us by completely.

Being cut from the same cloth as the 5800 means that this handset’s focus will lay firmly on music, and it retains the impressive stereo speakers of previous models, as well as the standard 3.5mm jack.

Naturally, given it’s more diminutive nature, the 5530 features a slightly smaller screen than the 5800 – at 2.9-inches and the camera is a respectable 3.2-megapixels. There’s Wi-Fi on board too for putting the social networking short cuts to good use.

In a bid to place the 5530 in a lower price bracket than the 5800, Nokia has had to shed a few luxuries along the way, with the most notable casualties being GPS and HSDPA/3G connectivity.

The good news however, is that losing these functions brings the price to around €199 – certainly a tempting price point for a Nokia XpressMusic handset, and that includes a 4GB microSD card as part of the retail box.

Nokia expects the 5530 XpressMusic to reach us before the end of Q3.

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