Motorola Karma QA1 coming to AT&T


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Motorola and AT&T have joined forces to bring a new handset known as the Moto Karma QA1, to the North American market.

The handset is a slider design with tucked away full-Qwerty keyboard and will feature a 2.5-inch QVGA display, a video capable 2-megapixel camera, A-GPS (AT&T Navigator an optional extra) and stereo Bluetooth support.

The QA1 comes with only 100MB of internal memory but thankfully this can be bolstered by utilising the microSD slot and any of your favourite snaps stored on there can quickly be uploaded to the web using the on-board HSDPA connectivity.

The handset looks designed to capitalise on the popularity of social networking sites, with links to Facebook and MySpace able to be directly placed on the home screen and with a Qwerty in tow should be no slouch in the world of IM, SMS and email.

If you’re interest has been piqued then you might want to know that the Karma QA1 will set you back just $79.99 after rebate, so long as you’re willing to sign a 2-year contract.

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