INQ announces Twitter phone


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INQ has announced a Twitter-based phone, due to be released in time for Christmas.

We suppose it was always going to happen, so it comes as little surprise that the first Twitter focused handset would come from the company that brought us the INQ1 Facebook phone.

The new, and as yet unnamed handset (though odds on it being called INQ2 seem pretty high) will work on an internet based Twitter app, rather than SMS and should mimic the INQ1’s low price point, costing operators less than $140, allegedly.

We presume that the device will be heading to the 3 network given its parentage, but when we were at the launch of the INQ1 at the end of last year, the spokesperson didn’t rule out bringing that particular handset to other networks.

Perhaps we will see precisely that happen come the launch of this new Twitter handset from INQ, and whilst it’s by no means a luxury handset it would come in at a very attractive price point.

The Twitter phone is scheduled for release during Q4 this year, so you can tweet until your heart’s content on Christmas day.

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