Hero of Sparta on sale for 59p


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Gameloft’s 3D action adventure for iPhone has gone on sale for 59p, dropping from £3.49.

Released back in December, it was one of the earlier games to convince us that the iPhone was capable of visuals approaching the Sony PSP’s in quality terms. You play as King Argos, facing armies of soldiers as well as taking on mythical boss creatures such as the Cyclops and Cerberus.

Your left thumb sits over a touchscreen analogue stick, used to move your muscle-bound catalogue warrior around, while buttons on the right hand-side of the screen make him wave his sword about menacingly.

Although, at 6-months old, Hero of Sparta is getting on a bit, it’s still a great game to show off to your friends. It’s also by far the cheapest the game’s ever been. At launch, it was ten times the price. In spite of all the swords, it may not quite be at the cutting edge of iPhone gaming anymore, but for 59p, we suggest you snap it up.

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