Here’s Another Reason The Galaxy S10 Will SMOKE Its Rivals


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Samsung still hasn’t officially shown off the Galaxy S10, its flagship smartphone for 2019, but thanks to a series of leaks we already know pretty much everything there is to know about the forthcoming device.

We know that it’s coming in three iterations, and we know that it will use Samsung’s take on the ‘hole punch’ screen. We also know that two of the models will use an in-screen fingerprint scanner, while the third, cheaper model will use a more traditional rear-mounted scanner. It’s also been hinted that the phone will be capable of topping up the batteries of other wirelessly-charged products.

We’ve now got another piece of interesting info which shows just how far Samsung is going to be ahead of its rivals.

According to regulatory filings, the Galaxy S10 will be one of the first smartphones on the face of the planet to support the faster WiFi speeds offered by the new WiFi 6 standard. The three known models of the S10 (a fourth is expected later in the year that has 5G support) will all have WiFi 6, according to the filings, which were spotted by Droid Life.

That means WiFi speeds will be even faster using these phones, but you might not witness that right away – WiFi 6 routers aren’t all that common, and even if you do have one, the tech is apparently designed to improve performance across multiple devices, rather than just one.

Samsung might be the first out of the gate with WiFi 6, but we’d imagine that plenty of other handsets will boast this feature in 2019; Qualcomm, which makes the Snapdragon 855 chipset which is believed to sit inside the Galaxy S10, has revealed that the chip has WiFi 6 support so any phone rocking it will be able to benefit.

If you’re in a household with loads of devices competing for WiFi bandwidth then WiFi 6 is going to be something of a godsend for you; every device that connects to your router is soaking up some of the available speed, and when you consider how many things in our homes use WiFi these days, competition for data is a very serious problem. However, as long as you get yourself a WiFi 6 router and a S10 model, you should find this is an issue of the past beyond 2019.

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