Get personalised wake-up calls on the Nokia 6300


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Adding notes to the Nokia 6300’s Calendar is a great way of remembering appointments or chores, but when your alarm goes off first thing in the morning, how many of us just reach over, press Snooze and forget all about feeding the cat, defrosting the chicken, putting the rubbish out or simply getting out of bed at all.

Know Your Mobile’s top tip is to use the 6300’s Voice recorder to record a personal reminder for yourself – or get your partner to record one for you – and set it as your morning ringtone.

First you’ll need to record your message. From Standby mode, click Menu, highlight Media and click Select. Now scroll up to highlight Voice recorder and click Select.

Press Select to start recording and the phone will bleep twice. Start talking, and when you’ve finished, press Select again to save the recording. The phone will bleep twice again.

Now it’s time to set your alarm time and tone. Click the red End call button to return to Standby mode, click Menu, highlight Organiser and click Select.

Alarm should be highlighted as the first item on the page. Click Select to open it and the Alarm time: section will be highlighted. Enter your wake-up time using the keypad, remembering to use the 24-hour clock if your phone isn’t set to display 12-hour time.

Now press the Down navigation key twice to highlight Alarm tone:, and press the right navigation key until the display reads ‘Open Gallery’. Click Select and your mobile’s media gallery will be displayed. Highlight the folder named Recordings and click Open. Your newly recorded message will be in this folder, called ‘Recordxxx.amr’, where xxx is the number automatically allocated to the recording (starting with ‘000’). Highlight each recording in turn to listen to the message and when you’ve found the message you want, click Select to be taken back to the Alarm clock screen.

The message name will now be in the Alarm tone: box. Press the Down navigation button twice so that Save is highlighted. Click Select to see the confirmation message ‘Alarm saved’, and press the red End call key to return to Standby mode.

A yellow bell icon will appear on the top right of the screen. When the alarm time arrives, your personal message will play and thanks to the handy reminder, you’ll leap out of bed to complete your first task of the day.

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