Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Shows Phone’s MASSIVE Screen


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The Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t official yet, but we’ve seen plenty of images of it thanks to a series of leaks from accessory makers like Olixar.

Thanks to these leaks, we know that the phone will be sporting a screen which fills almost the entire face of the handset, with the front-facing camera slotting into a ‘hole-punch’ design which removes the need for an iPhone-style notch at the top of the display.

However, the S10 screen protector from Olixar – detailed in the video below by Mobile Fun – gives us our best look yet at just how huge this screen will be. Compared to the screen protector for the S9, this new product makes it crystal clear just how huge the S10’s screen will be.

While the older screen protectors had relatively large bezels, this new one has a bezel that is so small it’s barely noticeable – although the one at the bottom of the screen does appear to be ever so slightly thicker than the one at the top.

It’s also worth noting that the screen protector has slightly less ‘flex’ when placed on a flat surface, which would suggest that Samsung’s famous curved-screen design will be less extreme with the S10.

Outside of these pointers, the screen protector doesn’t tell us much else about Samsung’s 2019 flagship handset. We already know that it will come in multiple variants and will have more than one camera on the back; there’s even going to be a 5G version, but it may not make it to the UK.

Samsung isn’t alone when it comes to phones with ‘hole-punch’ screens – its rivals have already come up with their own challengers.

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