Unnecessary Censorship brings its laughs to iPhone


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Unnecessary Censorship, an application by Murtha Design, has been released on the App Store, much to our amusement.

This brilliant iPhone application deserves a mention because it’s genuinely entertaining. Basically, you can add beeps and censor any videos you have on your iPhone, turning seemingly innocent videos of relations, friends or pets into what appears to be rants of unbridled obscenity.

Better still is the image censor function. As demonstrated in the video below, you can turn any scene into something potentially horrific or x-rated. Pets, family members, the general public – no one is safe if you have video content of them.

If, like us, you share a similiarly stupid sense of humour it’s fairly likely Unnecessary Censorship will provide a barrel of laughs.

The best thing is, it costs 59p.

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