THIS is Basically EXACTLY What The iPhone 7 Will Look Like


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We already have a pretty good idea about what the iPhone 7 will look like. Visualise the iPhone 6s in your mind’s eye, take away the antenna bands and switch out the headphone jack for a lightening connector and, BOOM, you’re looking at the iPhone 7.

But in case your imagination’s not what it once was, trusty ol’ Martin Hajek is back with another of his amazing iPhone renders, which you can see below in ALL their splendour.




Hajek’s MO is pretty simple: he reads all the rumours, takes everything into account and then performs some computer-wizardry and turns out these hyper-realistic renders of a phone, in this case the iPhone 7.

Hajek’s a sticker for details too. As you can see in the images, he’s included a lightning port instead of a 3mm headphone jack, included a larger lens hole for the camera, and he’s even had a stab at Apple’s new, upcoming Space Black colour scheme.

The designer posted the images on Twitter next to Apple’s iPhone 6s in order to demonstrate the potential differences between the two handsets.

Apple is expected to update the camera, add in a new CPU, and improve battery performance inside the iPhone 7. Beyond this it’s all the usual tweaks and optimisations, so don’t expect to be balled-over by the end result come September. This one’s looking increasingly likely to an minor update with Apple saving all the big changes for 2017’s iPhone.

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