Tap Tap Revenge 3 due to hit iPhone in July


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Tapulous is going to release Tap Tap Revenge 3 as early as July.

Bart Decrem, Tapulous CEO, revealed this detail in an interview with BusinessInsider. The new version strays from its predecessors in one very important way- you’ll be able to buy new songs from within the game.

Special versions of Tap Tap Revenge have been pretty successfully so far, with the Lady Gaga and Coldplay versions being the series’ paid-for flag-bearers. However, the new 3.0 iPhone firmware allows for in-game micro-transactions, perfect for small purchases like additional songs.

We’ll have to wait to see exactly how many songs will be available on the new Tap Tap Revenge store, but with Tapulous already having signed a deal with Universal Music, we expect it’ll be stocked quite well.

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