Shortz! portal launched on Android, iPhone


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Kiwi Media has announced the release of a series of apps that showcase a catalogue of award winning short films from the Shortz!, Europe’s leading video on demand portal originally launched in 2008.

The launch version of the application will allow you to watch a wide range of high quality videos from all over Europe, including Harvie Crumpet, The Facts of the Case of Mr Hollow and El Empleo. As we are unfamiliar with those films, we can’t comment but we assume our more film savvy readers will know.

Additional features include the ability to rate the movies, share them with friends on Facebook, and obviously see the latest videos to be released. Information on short film festivals can also be found.

Shortz! is available to download now for free from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and for Android handsets from its marketplace.

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