Sega showcases Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing on iPhone


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Sega has unveiled Sonic and Sega All-Stars for iPhone and iPod Touch at the GDC 2011 show in San Francisco.

The maker of the Mega Drive and the Saturn showed onlooking journalists its iPhone port of the Nintendo DS racing game in action.

There will be a Grand Prix mode, Time Trials and one-off Single Races, objective-based Missions, and multiplayer over local Wi-Fi (up to four players) and Bluetooth (two players), which means the port hasn’t left anything out on its journey to iOS.

Ten characters, including the blue hedgehog himself, his partner in crime Tails, ‘the bad guy’ Dr. Eggman and some lesser known faces, including AiAi, Billy Hatcher and Amigo are part of the mix.

According to Pocket Gamer, the levels are based around classics from not just the brilliant Sonic 2D classics, Billy Hatcher and, get this, Jet Set Radio Future also get a look in.

Controls will come in two flavours. Tilt makes use of the accelerometer and a virtual directional for those of you who rightfully like to stick in the past, if you don’t mind the pun.

Throw in an array of power-ups, what should be solid gameplay if the DS version is anything to go by, and this might just be a little glimmer of the Sega of old for iPhone gamers.

Still, it’s no Sonic R though, is it?


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