Samsung’s New GPU Might Be Galaxy S10’s KILLER USP Against iPhone X


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The Galaxy S9 and the incoming Galaxy Note 9 aren’t exactly the most exciting of releases for Samsung. They look very similar to their predecessors and are, for want of a better word, kind of incremental.

This has been the case for a few years now in Samsung’s camp, after it took a leaf out of Apple’s playbook, whereby it ONLY changes the design of its phones every couple of years.

But the Samsung Galaxy S10 is where things get different. It will be the phone that shocks and awes consumers, apparently. And it will do it through design, performance, and features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone X


So how will Samsung go about beating Apple in 2019?

Simple: R&D – Samsung has spent a FORTUNE on it in 2018 in order to make the Galaxy S10 a formidable opponent for Apple’s incoming iPhone XI.

And one of its biggest investments has been in the development of its own, bespoke GPU.

Samsung’s Custom Built GPU Could Be Galaxy S10’s Biggest USP

According to EETimes, the novel architecture of this new GPU will ensure market-leading performance across ALL Samsung phones from 2019 onwards – not just the Galaxy S10.

“This is really a big deal — it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years,” Jon Peddie Research’s own Jon Peddie said.


“This design is so good they could deploy it in every platform — it’s a function of their ambition. If I owned it, it would be in everything including cockpits and supercomputers.”

The GPU is so good that it could “put in on par with Apple,” the analyst said.

Chien-Ping Lu, the man behind the GPU design, previously worked at NVIDIA and Intel before joining Samsung less than 12 months ago.

The new GPU can apparently bundle multiple instructions into a group and then execute them in a single cycle. This makes for seriously improvements in processing power.

Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung’s Plans For A Gaming Phone

This is where things get even more interesting. Multiple sources are claiming Samsung will release a gaming phone in 2019 – potentially in the form of the long-awaited Galaxy X.

In order to make a gaming phone that is a TRUE gaming phone, it’ll need to be a little different than your average Android phone. It’ll need something special.

Could the Galaxy S10’s GPU be the secret to Samsung’s incoming gaming platform?


Either way, the Galaxy S10 rumors are now SERIOUSLY hotting up. What comes next? Leaked design schematics, I imagine.

Plus more word on the Galaxy S10’s specs and features.

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