Samsung Galaxy F Price Will Make The iPhone X Look CHEAP


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The Galaxy X saga has taken a bizarre turn in the past couple of weeks. Not only is the Galaxy X not a foldable phone, but it is something else entirely.

And there’s a brand new phone that will fold, which goes by the name of the Samsung Galaxy F – see what they did there 😉

The Galaxy X will be a standalone gaming phone, while the Galaxy F will be a “super-premium” smartphone that is also foldable.

Essentially, it looks as if Samsung is looking at adding in two, brand new phone lines into the mix during 2019.

Samsung Galaxy F vs Samsung Galaxy X

What’s the difference? Well, for starters price: word on the street suggests the Samsung Galaxy F could retail for as much as $1800.

That’s right, almost $2000 for a smartphone.

Reports claim it will be super premium, pack in the latest and greatest specs, and effectively take over from the Galaxy S10 as top dog in Samsung’s phone ecosystem.

There is also talk of Samsung merging the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line into one series of handsets, though you should probably take that with a pinch of salt.

When The iPhone X Looks Cheap You Know You’re In Trouble…

Here’s the thing: Apple’s iPhone X is stupidly expensive. It costs $1000, basically, and for a phone that is A LOT of money.

The iPhone 8 has been more popular with consumers too, and that should tell you everything you need to know about Apple’s pricing system.

If this rumored price for the Samsung Galaxy F is legit, and it might not be, how in the world does Samsung think it can get away with charging THAT much money for a phone?

Who cares if it’s foldable – $1800 is $1800, and you can pick up the OnePlus 6 for a third of that price (and take a Caribbean Cruise with the savings).

Beyond the folding element, I can’t see anything that could even remotely justify this price tag.

Cheap Samsung Phone? What Are Your Best Options? 

I know Samsung has R&D costs to cover, but almost $2000 for a phone is just bonkers – even by Apple standards.

And don’t think you’ll make any savings on Samsung phones in 2018/19 either, the price of ALL models is going up.

Expect to pay close to (or over) $1000 for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 9 once they launch.

If you’re after a deal on a Samsung phone, your best bet is going the reconditioned route through a company like Gazelle, where you can grab the Galaxy S8 for 40% less than new.

$1800 for a phone!


Samsung Galaxy F Price – WAY MORE Expensive Than Galaxy S10!

How much will this foldable beast set you back? Quite a lot, as it goes – and when I say, a lot, I really do mean A LOT.

The idea, at least according to the rumors, seems to be for the Galaxy F to replace the Galaxy S10 as Samsung’s flagship, while the Galaxy X will exist as its own, gaming device.


The source also added the handset would be “Super High” in terms of its position in Samsung’s range, possibly even being more premium than the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships – which are also rumored to be up for a possible merger into one line.

Earlier reports have suggested the Samsung folding phone could be priced as high as $1,850, so this would sit with a “Super High” phone that ranks above the current $800-$1,000+ flagship brands.

We’ve heard before that Samsung’s Galaxy F folding OLED phone could well be priced rather high, almost $2,000 according to some sources.

Now there’s another tip-off which throws more fuel on this pricey Galaxy F fire. 

According to Korean source, The Investor, Samsung’s price point of around $1,800 could see it being TWICE as expensive as its nearest rivals. 

The revelation comes with news that Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo are all in a mad dash to beat Samsung to market with folding designs that not only arrive first, but are also much cheaper, to around the tune of $900, the report says.

Korean sources say that scouts from the three Chinese firms have been spotted in the region attempting to find suppliers of folding OLED tech, with LG and Samsung being much further along in folding OLED development than anyone else.

Chinese brand BOE does produce some folding displays, however, but they are likely not going to be as advanced as those produced in Korea, where Samsung and LG have been developing the technology for nearly a decade.

“Samsung is taking exceptionally great care about the phone launch that has already been delayed several times. The firm also doesn’t want to hand over the ‘world’s first title’ to its Chinese rivals,” the report said.

The next logical question is this: would ANYONE pay almost $2000 for a Samsung phone?

I know I wouldn’t…

Not unless it could make my drinks, do my taxes, and also drive me around.

Apple’s iPhone X, for me, and for most average punters, is just about as expensive as a phone could be – any more is just stupid.

I mean, for that money, you could get yourself a brand new, high-end laptop of OLED TV, and you wouldn’t need to replace either of those after a couple of years.

Interesting times…

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