Rollercoaster Rush 3D released on iPhone


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Digital Chocolate has released its casual Rollercoaster Rush 3D game onto the App Store.

It’s a one-thumb style game where you have to manage the speed of a rollercoaster to try and make sure that while your patrons get their thrills, none of them fall out of the cart. The game originally appeared on mobiles last year.

When we played the game’s predecessor on iPhone, we were a little disappointed at how little use it made of the device’s power, with no real visual or gameplay improvements over the mobile original. From the screenshots, this new 3D version is looking far more suited to the iPhone’s strengths. It features 40 tracks of 3D rollercoasters for you to master.

Rollercoaster Rush 3D is available to buy from the App Store for £2.99, and there’s also a free trial version available to download.

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