Nurogames brings Talking Opossum Pro to iPhone


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It’s cute, it answers back and it’s free. We’re talking about Nurogames’ Talking Opossum Pro application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Talking Opossum joins the App Store as one of those funny voice apps. You talk to your iPhone and the possum mimmicks you, in a ridiculous voice, of course.

You can also stroke and feed the furry critter, as well as enjoy a ‘huge selection’ of animations.

Think of it as a slightly more advanced Tamagotchi, only without the constant badgering and 3D graphics.

Talking Opossum is likely going to amuse us oldies for a fair amount of time but it’s clear this one is for a younger audience. Should keep them quiet on those long journeys.

Talking Opossum is available to download now for free and the Pro version is 59p. We assume the latter gives you full functionality.

Bear in mind there is another developer’s app called ‘The Talking Opossum’, which isn’t the work of Nurogames.

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