Monkey Island rumoured for iPhone


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Monkey Island may be paddling its way to the App Store, suggested by series producer Craig Derrick.

Fans of old skool adventure games will no doubt be excited by this news, but it’s by no means concrete at this stage. Derrick said, in an interview with Destructoid, that when he first joined Lucasarts, his first project was to do with trying to port games like Monkey Island over to other platforms, such as the original iPod.

Pocket Gamer made the connection that the upcoming re-workings of the adventure classic for PC and Xbox Live Arcade, due later this year, was a pretty good sign that it may also appear on the iPhone.

The device’s touchscreen makes it a perfect candidate for this breed of adventure game, while other high-megabyte games on the App Store prove that it would be easily capable of managing a full speech version of the game too. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more information on this intriguing rumour.

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