Max and the Magic Marker coming to iPad and iPhone


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Having visited EA Mobile to see its Spring games line-up, we can tell you Max and the Magic Marker is coming to iPhone and iPad.

In Max and the Magic Marker you guide the young hero through a 2D platforming world, guiding him over watery chasms, around purple enemies and through tricky puzzles. The main difference between Press Play’s adventure and your Sonic and Mario wannabes is the pen element. Drawing your way to victory give it a unique, compelling nature.

In terms of the port, the Windows Phone 7 game (Max and the Magic Marker review) and its new iOS counterparts are very similiar in terms of content but the structure has changed.

The 15-odd levels have been broken into 57 bite-sized chunks for the casual gamer. A three-star rating system has also been added, in similiar fashion to that of Angry Birds. Collect everything on the level and all the stars are yours.

Considering some of the later levels took over 15 minutes, if collecting all the goodies, we welcome the new, more punchy approach. The controls have also been refined for both versions, so it feel better to play, too.

After a quick blast on the iPad version, which EA says is ‘definitive’, we can say it really works well on the bigger display. Larger on-screen buttons obviously mean less miss-presses and the blown-up visuals look great. It’s as charming as it was on Windows Phone 7, just with some added presence.

Unfortunately the people at EA couldn’t tell us a price or an exact release date, or if Max is coming to Android, above and beyond the usual TBC and ‘soon’. We hazard a guess at it being cheaper than on Windows Phone 7, as the games on there seem particularly pricey, and it to hit the App Store within March, 2011.

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