Looks Like iPhone 7 WILL Feature OIS Camera Tech After All


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These days the rumour mill isn’t so much the rumour mill as it is the spoiler mill; if you were thinking 2016 would finish with an iPhone launch where there’d be plenty of surprises you’d be dead wrong. After months of leaks and tip-offs there’s now a virtually encyclopedic knowledge-base of information and details on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus out there in the ether, much of it coming from very reliable sources. The network of tipsters and informants is now so widespread and entrenched that every little feature is exposed prematurely. It’s like this with every major launch so far whether Apple or Android. We also know Apple is saving ALL the big changes for 2017’s release; something which has been restated time after time by in-the-know leaksters.

The biggest update on both iPhone 7 models is likely to be the camera, and today new information has revealed something rather tantalising about the standard iPhone 7 model — its camera WILL feature optical image stabilisation (OIS).

This is a pretty big deal because usually this feature has been reserved for Apple’s larger Plus models. The Plus model iPhone historically have had better displays, larger batteries and better camera technology inside them, which is why they have always cost more.

But this year’s iPhone 7 model will feature a traditional USP of its larger sibling, OIS, and this is a big deal because it will dramatically improve the already-impressive imaging capabilities of Apple’s standard model iPhone — even more so when you factor in Apple’s other imaging updates.

“The [leaked] images feature a new larger camera module that’s supposedly headed for the iPhone 7,” reports BGR. “An image comparison with the cameras found on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models seems to indicate the new iPhone 7 component will be indeed larger in size. Most leaks indicate that the iPhone 7 will retain that annoying camera bump, but because the sensors are getting bigger, the protruding camera ring will be replaced with a new design.”



(Image Credit: NoWhereElse)

Beyond this we’re looking at a newer, more powerful CPU, improved memory, potentially an updated display (1080p on the iPhone 7), higher storage options and a few slight changes to the physical design of the handset. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — at this stage of the game — appear to be incremental updates, refining and developing what came before.

All the major updates to the physical design of the iPhone will be left until next year which, coincidentally, also happens to be the iPhone’s 10th birthday. Expected updates for 2017’s iPhone include an all-glass chassis, AMOLED display technology and plenty of internal updates and tweaks.

So if you’re after an iPhone that looks different from the last three iPhones that have been released, well, you’re best off waiting for that one because this year’s release will look very much like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

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