LED notifications coming to iPhones with iOS 5


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Although iCloud stole the show at last night’s WWDC 2011 launch, hidden away amongst the apparent 200 new features emerging in Apple’s latest iOS 5 release was that of the new LED notification system for the iPhone 4.

It seems that the iOS 5 developer preview beta released into the wild last night allows for users to set up LED notifications for calls and messages using the iPhone 4’s camera flash.

Hidden away on the back of the device the LED system does appear to be a slight after thought by Apple.

Technically classed as an Accessibility option, we’re sure all BlackBerry and Android migrants have been screaming out for something like this for a long time.

Complementing the feature is the ability for users to set up customisable vibrating alerts possibly for specific Address Book contacts and different apps.

It seems that the inclusion of small yet desperately needed features such as these mean that critics believe Apple has finally caught up with its smartphone rivals.

Although jumping the gun, it’s fair to assume that the San Francisco giant plan to include a new LED notification light on the rumoured iPhone 5 as opposed to relying on the device’s back facing camera flash which requires the device to be placed face down.

The night also featured a number of other minor improvements to the iOS system that didn’t get the spotlight treatment. 

The addition of multitouch gestures to iOS 5 allows for iOS device owners to swipe left or right to switch between open apps but also use a four finger pinch to close apps.

While similar to the new HDMI cable set up introduced earlier this year which allows for the iPad’s screen to be mirrored on a TV, Apple has also introduced wireless mirroring to devices utilising the somewhat lost Apple TV platform.

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