Leaked: iPhone 5 render shows 4-inch edge licking display


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A leaked render, said to be the iPhone 5, has appeared online. The render shows an iPhone device with a seemingly larger display and similar design to the iPhone 4.

Having said that, there’s no way to verify the legitimacy of this CAD drawing – we could have knocked this out in five minutes using PhotoShop.

The CAD image in question comes via iDealsChina.

Nonetheless, an Apple rumour is always worth a butchers just in case it turns out to eventually hold some weight.

Although we think it’s pretty much a dead-cert that the next iPhone will feature a larger display – most likely of the 4-inch ilk.

Apple will also presumably be popping a Retina Display in the iPhone 5 too, as well as its brand new dual core A5 processor.

Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait until the actual launch of the device to know for sure as Apple as per usual will no doubt be keeping its cards extremely close to its chest.

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