Leaked iPhone 3.0 pics


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Pictures of the next generation iPhone have appeared online and they seem to confirm some of the predicted features.

The iPhone 3.0 pictures surfaced over at UMPCFever.com and despite the poor quality clearly seem to confirm the presence of a digital compass, as well as an advance in camera functionality.

There’s no confirmation of megapixel count for the camera yet, although 3.2 is rumoured, but one of the new functions includes being able to autofocus simply by tapping the screen.

We’re pretty sure that Apple will be rectifying the omission of video recording capability from the new iPhone but we’re yet to get confirmation of virtually anything; Apple is remaining, as ever, infuriatingly tight-lipped for a few more days at least.

Of course, we’ve not had actual confirmation that we’ll be getting a new handset at all, but most are now treating it as a foregone conclusion; we’ll find out for sure by the end of WWDC 2009.

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