It’s official: Users prefer Android to iPhone


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A recent study by GetJar has discovered that the vast majority of users surveyed prefer Android to the iPhone.

According to GetJar, about 40 percent of respondents would switch to Android when they buy their next handset, compared to 18 percent that want the iPhone.

Everybody has been saying the Android is the best, but now it seems that these assertions are facts. Not only did Android come top in the GetJar survey, but t also overtook BlackBerry in the US back in January acquiring a 31.2 per cent market share.

The big point to take notice of here though is that a lot of users want to switch from iPhone to Android when they get their next phone.

Having said that, for every statistic saying this, there’s one that says the opposite. Another survey by ChangeWave found that the number Android and iPhone users that would be swapping platforms to be pretty much equal, with the same amount of users jumping from one platform to the other (37 per cent vs 38 per cent).

Nonetheless, Apple is still way out in front in the apps download game, accounting for 5.6 billion of a total 7.9 billion apps downloaded in 2010 – so, more than the lion’s share.

Here’s GetJar’s official line on the survey:

“The survey results make it clear that all eyes are on Android, as well as the importance of brand equity in the increasingly competitive mobile app space,” stated Patrick Mork, CMO of GetJar.

But GetJar’s survey didn’t stop there. It also found out the following interesting tit-bits of app-related info:

58 per cent of mobile users use apps more than once a day.
23 per cent spend 31 minutes to an hour a day with apps.
73 per cent have downloaded an app with advertising in it.

Good work GetJar, we look forward to your next survey.

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