iPhone XS Max SMOKES Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Real-World Speed Test


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The iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have released pretty close to one another, so it’s only natural that people are going to compare the merits of both when weighing up a purchasing decision. That means loads of speed tests and other comparisons are going to be made, and in one of the first on YouTube – courtesy of British tech expert Safwan ‘SuperSaf TV‘ Ahmedmia – throws up some interesting results.

SuperSaf doesn’t adopt quite the same approach as other vloggers, however; he’s keen to demonstrate the true real-world performance of phones rather than dull scientific stand-alone tests based on benchmarks and the loading times of individual apps. In his test, he opens a series of apps and games from a cold start and leaves them running in the background – this is what the average user would do with their handset during daily use, after all. As a result, the findings are much closer to the real-life performance of each device, and that makes the whole process a little more relatable to the average user.

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As you can see in the video, things start our brightly for Samsung’s phone and it beats the iPhone XS Max when it comes to app load time. However, as the test goes on and more apps are loaded into memory it’s actually Apple device which slowly but surely comes out on top; towards the end of the sequence, the Galaxy Note 9 is taking twice as long to load some games as the iPhone XS Max. Gulp.

What’s even more interesting is that when SuperSaf goes backwards through the apps to see which ones have to be reloaded into memory by each phone, it’s the Galaxy Note 9 which comes in second place – despite the fact that it has 2GB more RAM than the iPhone XS Max (6GB against 4GB). This would indicate that Apple has really nailed the memory management in iOS 12 (apps reloading in iOS 11 was a real headache on the iPhone X) but it also hints that Android – or perhaps Samsung’s custom UI – isn’t as efficient as it could be when it comes to this kind of thing, despite all that lovely RAM.

And then you have the benchmark tests, which are also very, very impressive, as GizmodoChina reports:

“In the CPU, GPU, UX and memory tests of AnTuTu, the iPhone XS has respectively scored 133,561, 150,931, 66,474 and 12,559 which brings the total benchmarking score to 363,525. Most of the Android flagship phones powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset have scored around 290k on AnTuTu which shows how powerful the Apple A12 SoC is.”

That Apple’s latest Bionic A12 chipset is the best on the market isn’t a shock – the company’s home-grown silicon is usually more powerful than anything seen in comparable Android devices – but the way in which the iPhone XS Max smokes the Galaxy Note 9 in the latter part of this test is rather shocking, especially as both handsets are in the same kind of price bracket. Naturally, the Note 9 comes with some features that the iPhone lacks, such as the updated S-Pen, but still, we imagine that many people who were previously on the fence about which phone to buy will have made their minds up after seeing this enlightening footage.

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