iPhone users get better deals in big O2 tariff shake-up


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O2 has announced a major revamp of its pay monthly tariff deals, simplifying the number of options available, and introducing new better value Apple iPhone contract offerings. O2 has also launched a new flat rate cap of £1 a day or mobile web browsing that will apply across the board to all O2 pay monthly customers.

O2’s new tariff set-up, which will come into effect from February 1st, will offer six basic text and voice call combinations. The cost of the deal will vary depending on the length of the contract (12, 18 or 24 months, or Simplicity monthly deals). Customers can then choose to add extra Bolt-ons to tailor their package; there are seven Bolt-on options, costing £7.50 each.

New Apple iPhone deals
Boosting the amount of airtime on iPhone deals, new or existing IPhone customers on £35 a month 18-month contracts will now get 600 minutes of airtime and 500 text messages – three times more minutes than before and twice as many texts.

A new £45 a month iPhone deal will deliver 1200 minutes and 500 texts – the same inclusive allowance that was offered on the previous £55 a month deal.

Customers who were signed up for the £55 a month can now pay £10 a month less, or upgrade to a new £75 month deal that includes 3000 minutes of airtime and 500 texts monthly.

Apple iPhone customers still get their free unlimited data bundle and inclusive access to The Cloud’s Wi-Fi hotspot network.

O2’s improved flat rate daily data offering brings it in line with some of its competitors, capping per-day costs of usage at £1. Users can also sign up to monthly unlimited data Bolt-ons for £7.50.

O2 has also shaken up its small business tariffs by reducing the number of options available to SMEs from 22 to 8 options, each offering unlimited O2 to O2 calls and free calls to 10 nominated numbers, plus free voicemail.

Promotional offers for the new O2 tariffs include one free Bolt-on for customers signing up to 600 minutes-a-month deals and above, on 18- or 24-month contracts. Customers who sign up for the deals online will also get double the number of inclusive text messages.

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