iPhone is a ‘thousand times better’ than Android, says Howard Stern


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Howard Stern, one of the most controversial DJs in history, has officially dumped his Android handset in favour of Apple’s iPhone.

During his Sirius XM radio program this morning, Stern claimed that he’d dumped his ‘pretend iPhone’ in favour of the real thing.

Stern was referring to his Android-powered Motorola DROID, also known as the Milestone.

Here’s the exact line from the show:

“The iPhone is a thousand times better than my DROID and I actually though that was a good phone.”

Stern then proceeded to reel off all the other Apple products he now owns, which includes: two MacBook Airs, a 27-inch iMAC, two brand new iPad 2 devices and now an iPhone 4.

Following the comment, Stern’s show was inundated with calls from Android aficionados but Stern was resolute. “I’m 100 per cent Apple now and loving it… it’s just so much better.”

So, there you have it folks – Apple’s got itself a brand new high-profile fanboi.

Looks like Mr. Stephen Fry has got some competition.

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