iPhone alarm bug strikes again, people sleep in


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Apple’s iPhone alarm clock bug has stuck again, causing millions of Monday morning alarms to malfunction across the country.

The bug was caused by the clocks going forward over the weekend and resulted in many iPhone alarms going off an hour late this morning – and in some cases not at all.

Apple, as per, won’t comment on why its iPhone devices can’t handle the clocks moving forwards as we approach summer.

Having said that, the alarm bug hasn’t affected everyone – although plenty of iPhone users have been venting their frustration via Twitter.

Personally, it just seems like a great excuse to get an extra hour or two in bed and then once you get to work, simply blame it all on Apple – it’s almost like the perfect crime.

According to reports, the glitch affects non-recurring alarms set within the device’s calendar application.

There’s no exact figures on how many people were affected by the iPhone alarm bug, but considering it’s made its way online it must be more than a few.

So what’s the moral of the story here? Always have a back up alarm and don’t put your faith 100 per cent in technology – it’ll only fail on you and make you look stupid.

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