iPhone 7 Plus/Pro Colour Versions LEAK BIG TIME: iPhone 7 WILL Launch On Sept. 7


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Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus/Pro handsets are starting to look like the worst kept secret in tech! We know about its specs, hardware and likely updates. But unlike most years, we also know pretty much exactly what they will look like.

The latest leak concerns the larger iPhone model, which will either be called the iPhone 7 Plus, keeping the same name as past models, or the iPhone 7 Pro. The latter of which has been rumoured for awhile now, so whether or not it will carry this new branding remains to be seen — it’s 50/50 at present.

Anyway. This latest leak from China claims to show ALL iPhone 7 Pro models in all their colour variants. As you can see, the handset — if this rumour is legit — will be available in four colours:


“In addition to the overall size and screen size,” notes BGR, “reports and leaks suggest the iPhone 7 Pro will have two huge features that the smaller iPhone 7 will lack. The first is a dual camera setup, though we’re not yet sure exactly how Apple will utilise the new cameras. The second is a new Smart Connector port on the back that will seemingly allow new accessories to be connected with ease, as is the case with the iPad Pro.”

Both iPhones will get a release later on this year; likely around September time. The key differences between the two, or, how Apple will market them, will likely be to do with their imaging technology and overall processing power. The Pro/Plus model will be the workhorse, the one with ALL the power under the hood and will be aimed at more professional users.

Beyond imaging and processing grunt, the larger iPhone model will almost certainly have better battery performance, a better display and potentially more storage — up to 256GB, if it is pushed as a “professional-grade phone”.

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