iPhone 7 Plus Design Details Leak With Dual-Camera — Or, Is It The iPhone 7 Pro?


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It’s expected that Apple will launch its iPhone 7 line-up in September 2016, but at the moment it’s not entirely clear whether we’ll see one, two, or even three devices under the same branding. Because the last two generations have featured an iPhone and a “Plus” phablet model, that has been something of a default assumption for the next batch, but with Apple diversifying things even further with its “Pro” line for the iPad and the smaller iPhone SE things could go in any number of directions, and there is a very persistent rumour of an iPhone 7 Pro, which is believed to pack a dual-camera sensor setup.


Now Japanese website Mac Fan has stirred things up with a set of schematics which it claims show the details of the iPhone 7 Pro, featuring, amongst other things, that dual-camera sensor. The schematics also show that the iPhone 7 Pro will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in-line with earlier rumours about the iPhone 7 series – it’s thought instead Apple is opting for a proprietary solution which uses the firm’s Lightning port design. We can also see that in terms of dimensions the iPhone 7 Pro will be very similar in size, shape and overall design to the existing iPhone 6s Plus, apparently confirming analyst Ming-chi Kuo’s assertion that the next major re-design will be 2017’s iPhone range. A set of three small holes has been pointed out on the rear of the handset shown in the schematic, but it’s not clear what role they fulfil, however, some have proposed wireless charging capabilities.

Once again, this all ties in fairly well with Kuo’s claims that the iPhone series in 2016 will be incremental and will not really offer any major selling points to appeal to consumers, particularly those who own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s series device.

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