iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5: Stunning camera showdown


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One of the most significant alterations Apple has made to the iPhone 5S is its array of camera enhancements. Apple didn’t bump up the megapixels, but the improvements it made under the hood translated into marked improvements in image quality.

Reviews across the board have praised Apple’s latest camera technology, citing an unparalleled uplift in image quality and low-light performance. Next to the 64-bit processor and fingerprint scanner, the 5S’ camera is perhaps the handset’s biggest USP. 

Travel photographer Austin Mann pitted the iPhone 5s camera against the camera from the iPhone 5 while trekking around Patagonia recently, and the results are staggering to say the least… 

“We climbed mountains, hiked to glaciers, slept in the wilderness… all the while documenting it with these two awesome little camera phones,” Mann wrote. 

On the subject of the iPhone’s panorama mode, Mann added: “The iPhone 5S meters panoramas dynamically, in a single exposure. Meaning, if I’m shooting a scene with a broad range of brightness (maybe dark mountains on my left and bright sunlight sky on the right) it will actually change exposure/capture settings within the same capture (not HDR) to better accommodate.”  

Here’s one of Mann’s most arresting images captured using the iPhone 5S.


But we’d advise you to hit up the link and check out the full article –– some of the shots captured by Mann are utterly unique and some of the best examples of the type of results that are possible with modern smartphone imaging technology. 

We’ll leave you with one more excerpt from Mann’s blog post where he discusses the difference in shutter speeds between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S.

“Shutter lag is non-existent.” 

“When you touch the button to fire the shutter, it fires… instantaneously. The iPhone 5 was great but there’s a good half second of shutter lag in there. Also when shooting HDRs, it takes a second to capture & save the HDR frame. On the iPhone 5S there’s virtually no difference in speed between HDR and non-HDR captures… they are simply immediate. 

“Also, processing speed in Snapseed or Filterstorm is really fun because it’s so dang fast! Making a change to a big panorama can happen almost instantaneously, too.

“The power inside this thing just blows my mind.”

‘Nuff said. 

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