iPhone 5 to feature dual core A5 processor


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Current word on the street suggests that the fifth-generation iPhone will feature Apple’s A5 newly outed dual core processor.

Although this isn’t really that surprising. Especially when you consider the iPhone 4 and original iPad’s specs, which were pretty much identical bar the iPhone having significantly more RAM.

Nonetheless, iOSSnoops has uncovered even more compelling evidence that the iPhone 5 will feature Apple’s A5.

Here’s the scoop:

“@cronic, a twitter user, used a good old hex editor to look into the iOS 4.3 build for the iPad 2 (build 8F191), and more specifically, the files for the kernel of an unreleased version of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, the reference to the new dual-core Apple A5 processor can be found in several locations.”

So there you have it – the iPhone 5 will feature Apple’s A5 dual core processor.

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