iPhone 3G S with Playstation games


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Playstation games can run full speed on the new iPhone 3G S. They’re played using psx4iPhone, an emulator from homebrew scene legend ZodTTD. The improved hardware of the iPhone 3G S means it can now run at full speed.

Of course, most users will only be able to use this software after having jailbroken their iPhone, which currently can’t be done to the 3G S. ZodTTD was getting his own version to work by signing his software off himself, a process that allows it to run on an unmodified iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that it’ll never actually hit the App Store itself because of the labyrinth of rights issues such a move would conjure.

The idea of having the Playstation’s library of games, numbering in the thousands, on top of the iPhone’s already impressive roster would be like gaming nirvana for many, but with the Sony PSP still coasting along and more rumours of the PSP phone circling, Sony certainly won’t be working on an official emulator any time soon.

A video posted by ZodTTD himself shows how well the emulator currently works. It’s running the relatively slow-paced Final Fantasy VII, but is at least proof that the software actually exists. Take a look below.

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