iPhone 3G S plagued by rattle


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Some owners of the new iPhone are complaining that the much-anticipated handset isn’t quite up to scratch, build quality-wise.

One of the most widely reported complaints is of a rattle coming from inside the handset.

Will Park of IntoMobile.com proffers that he thinks the noise emanates from underneath the “power button/camera lens area!”, while other complainants cite the silence switch, volume rocker or auto-focus mechanism as the source of the noise.

There’s some suggestion that Apple is aware of the problem and that if you find yourself with a rattler it’s not an isolated incident by any means. in fact, one member over at the Apple Support forum says “they rattle a bit when you move the iPhone. But that is the new normal”- not a sentiment we’d be happy to agree with if there’s truth to it.

One Apple staffer unofficially suggested to Park that changing the handset there and then would likely not fix the problem, although perhaps in a few weeks Apple might have rectified the issue.

It’s not the first issue we’ve heard of for the iPhone 3G S either, with the issue of low/short battery life also raising its head.

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