iPhone 3G S outsells 3G at launch


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The iPhone 3G S had outstripped the 3G’s first day sales by lunchtime on its first day.

It’s a pretty impressive figure considering the 3G was seen as a snappy seller from the start. Apple shops also reported ten times the normal amount of visitors, and the Apple site saw a pretty hefty 150% increase in traffic.

Initial reports are suggesting that the 3G S’s upgrades are more than just hype as well, with an even quicker interface and significant speed increases over the already-nippy iPod Touch 2G.

However, it would seem that the classic black styling is more popular than the new white look. Apple has told us that the black version is selling three times more than the white one at the moment. So, it would seem that iPhone upgraders really are looking to simply replace their current iPhones with one that looks just the same. The 3G S isn’t just the fastest iPhone in town, it’s the fastest-selling one too.

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