iPhone 3.0 to feature 3D graphics chip


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The iPhone 3.0 is rumoured to feature a dedicated 3D graphics chip, which could mean that high performance games released for it in the future may not be compatible with the current iPhone.

The news was originally posted on Kotaku. The site also claims that the new iPhone will also feature better Bluetooth support, a feature added to the current iPhone with the 3.0 firmware. The new device is reportedly due for release on the 17th July.

Add this to the fact that Apple has been hiring new in-house game developers, and the idea that the new iPhone’s gaming capabilities may excel the current model’s begins to take on weight. However, it also demonstrates that Apple realises quite how popular iPhone games have become.

We can only hope that current iPhone users won’t be left out in the cold when this new version comes out with its flashy 3D credentials.

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