iPhone 3.0 software hits games


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Features of the new iPhone 3.0 software have already started to filter down to the App Store’s games, in the shape of a wave of functionality-increasing updates.

Quick off the mark developers to have already made use of the new iPhone OS version include ngmoco, Freeverse, Pangea and Tapulous.

Star Defense has had the Plus+ online network added to its feature list. This allows more social interaction online between players, and also an achievement-style points system. We’re still waiting for the in-game micro-transactions ngmoco is promising will be added soon, which will allow you to buy more game maps.

Tap Tap Revenge 2 has been updated to allow for push notifications for the challenge messages you send to your friends. Like Star Defense, we’re still waiting for in-game purchases to be added, and publisher Tapulous’ recently forged deal with Universal Music should make this a truly interesting feature.

Enigmo from Pangea has however made use of the new micro-transaction feature. There are now two level packs you can buy in-game. They cost 59p, with 25 levels included in each pack. These levels have been designed to be more kiddie-friendly than the frequently tough ones features in the original.

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