iPhone 3.0 OS update now available


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The iPhone’s much anticipated 3.0 OS update is now available to download via the iTunes client.

The update will finally silence criticism of the handset on the basis of omission of simple features such as copy and paste and MMS messaging.

The new OS ushers in a host of other new features too, including an improved calendar, landscape keyboard options in mail, messaging and browsing, turn by turn directions, push notifications and subscription based apps.

Other less glamorous improvements include Wi-Fi auto-log on, voice memos and improved search, though obviously all improvements are welcomed.

If you’d like the full run-down on all the new additions to the firmware then have a look-see at the official Apple page.

For those that are wondering how to download the update, simply start iTunes connect up your phone as normal and click check for update in the summary panel – voilà!

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