iPhone 3.0 capacity leaks


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The iPhone will be available in 32GB and 4GB capacities in addition to the previously available 8GB and 16GB, online reports are suggesting.

The breaking news over at Engadget.com is based upon reports of handsets passing through the PCS Certification Review Board without a hiccup.

The leak revealed that the smallest capacity iPhone will be just 4GB and the largest 32GB, with the traditional 8GB & 16GB versions in between.

The move to introduce a low-end 4GB model is bolstered by yet more rumours, this time from Pocket-Lint.com that seem to suggest that the 4GB will also come as a 2-megapixel, tri-band HSDPA device aimed at the lower-end of the market, the source of which was Canadian operator Fido.

Exciting times indeed with the prospect of the iPhone coming to a wider audience, but whether this will result in a dilution too far of the “cool” factor remains to be seen.

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