iPhone 3.0 available in 12 varieties


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The new iPhone 3.0 is rumoured to come in 12 different flavours, according to an image that originates from a Canadian operator.

The image reportedly shows the operator’s inventory of the new iPhone 3.0, and it reveals a few interesting facts about the device- some of which seem a little far-fetched. Firstly, it’ll come in 32GB and 64GB variants, more fuel for the idea that the 16GB iPhone is being dropped entirely.

The higher end versions will come in a whopping seven finishes including- and this is the bit that makes us doubt iSpazio’s sources- ‘green with flowers’ and ‘yellow with fluffy bunnies’.

Much as we’d love to get hold of a bunnified iPhone 3.0, complete with its ultra-serious RAM and CPU upgrades, whether or not bunny or flower versions are actually in the works, much less at launch, is something we’re not quite convinced of.

The prices on the inventory list range from $139 to $199 but, since these would be tied into a contract the image doesn’t specify, there’s little point in trying to extrapolate UK prices from this image. Rest assured we’ll be on those figures as soon as they dare to show themselves though.

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