Id Software announces Doom Resurrection for iPhone


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Id Software’s John Carmack has revealed that the company is working on a brand new Doom game for the iPhone, Doom Resurrection.

It’s been rumoured for a while that Id Software’s back catalogue is worming its way towards the App Store, but Doom Resurrection is a, iPhone-specific effort. It’s yet one more step towards the iPhone being accepted by all the major games publishers as an important platform.

According to an interview with Carmack in Macworld, the game uses assets originally created for the last high profile Doom re-birth Doom 3. The game reportedly uses accelerometer control alongside tap-based firing, and features a storyline that runs parallel with the original Doom.

Doom Resurrection is developed in association with Escalation studios, who have previously worked with ngmoco. Although Carmack says that the game will make use of 3.0 software features, it’ll also run just fine on current versions too. Doom Resurrection is due for released within the next month.

You can check out a video of Doom Resurrection in action below. It’s looking a treat, although it’s not clear how much you actually get to control your character’s movements.

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