How to set up iTunes Home Sharing on the iPhone 4


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iTunes Home Sharing is one of the new features in iOS 4.3 and can be used on your iPhone or iPad.

Here, we show you how to set up and use Home Sharing on the iPhone 4.

  1. First, head into the iPod settings menu on your iPhone 4.
  2. Int he Home Sharing option, enter your iTunes account user name and password.
  3. On your computer, ensure you have iTunes 10.2.1 installed.
  4. In advanced options, turn Home Sharing on.
  5. Now go o the iPod function on your iPhone 4.
  6. Select More>Shared and you’ll see your computer show up.
  7. Tap on a song to start listening.

Now you can share your whole music collection wherever you are.

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