Gedda-Headz released on iPhone


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Head-to-head gaming has become the norm for PC and console gaming, but not quite so for mobile. Popular Java platform Gedda-Headz looks to help change that with its recently released new iPhone version.

Gedda-Headz allows you and other users to have a place to chat, play multiplayer games across all supported mobile platforms and unlock achievements on a worldwide scale. Think OpenFeint with more of a focus on home grown games developed specifically for the platform.

As you progress, experience is gained and this allows you to level up, adding that all-important competitive aspect. You can also purchase new, more powerful Headz for use in battles, if you have the cash.

In an interesting twist on both virtual currencies and marketing, the game points can be exchanged for coupons for a number of online stores, so if, for instance, you fancy some Puma shoes, get enough points and they can be yours.

This free download includes the ability to test out three of the six casual games currently on the app. Unfortunately we were unable to test them for some unknown reason. We assume teething problems – Gedda-Headz refuses to load up the Online Arena and pressing the button stops the scrolling bar at the bottom that displays news.

Aside from that issue, the app looks quite well presented and if the games can prove enthralling, not to mention fully functional, it may just be worth checking out. Over 1.5 million players on Sony Ericsson, Nokia, LG and Samsung can’t be wrong, can they?

Gedda-Headz is available now for free on the App Store.

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