Gameloft’s Michel Guillemot on iPhone 3.0 OS


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At WWDC, Gameloft’s CEO Michel Guillemot was interviewed about his views on the updated iPhone 3.0 OS and the other devices trying to steal the iPhone’s gaming crown.

Talking to Touch Arcade, Guillemot gave his impression of the new Palm Pre, saying, as TA reported, that it’s a nice device whose webOS HTML5 development model puts it just about where the iPhone was for gaming before the device’s SDK was announced.

He’s less complimentary about the Android platform however, saying “Android is Java … Java takes two-thirds of the power.  So, when you drive a car – if you take the same car with 1/3 of the horse power, you will not have the same experience.”

So, he still feels that nothing’s coming all that close to the iPhone at this point. Guillemot’s reactions to the recently announced iPhone 3G S are positive too, saying that its more powerful hardware will raise gamers’ expectations, further cementing the iPhone as a serious gaming device.

He admits this will put more pressure on game developers, but as a company on the forefront of the new hardware, as demonstrated by Asphalt 5’s presence at the Apple keynote, he has little to worry about.


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