First Look At The iPhone 7 Plus: Leaked Pics Reveal No Mute Key


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We’ve seen plenty of iPhone 7 leaks during the past several months, but the larger, iPhone 7 Plus model has remained rather mysterious. The bigger iPhone is the one that will feature a dual-lens camera, more RAM and a larger display.

And now we know pretty much what the iPhone 7 Plus will look like.

As expected, the iPhone 7 Plus shares more than a passing resemblance to last year’s iPhone 6s Plus model; Apple isn’t updating the design this year — we just got to accept that now.

The reason for this is pretty straightforward: Apple is switching to a three-year hardware update cycle, apparently. Now, this might be disappointing for those looking forward to a big update this year, but the decision does reflect more modern market trends, whereby consumers are holding onto their phones for longer.

Why is this? Again, pretty simple: phones released in the past couple of years are seriously over-specced for what most people are using them for — they have insane processing abilities and very impressive cameras. More recently, circa 2015-16, battery performance has improved as well and this has lead to handsets like the Nexus 6P, iPhone 6 Plus and Huawei Mate 8 staying relevant for longer than previous generations.

There has been a slight levelling-out of specs and features as well; QHD panels are common nowadays, as are great, point-and-shoot cameras. Plus, phones are damn expensive, so if your’s is still working fine then why would you want to update it? I think Apple has woken up to this fact, hence its decision to move to a three-year cycle versus the previous two year cycle.

Still, there are a couple of changes to the chassis design. The first and most notable being the removal of those unsightly antenna bands that ran across the back of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Another, rather odd one, in this series of leaks is the mute key, which is nowhere to be seen.



Has Apple removed it on the larger iPhone 7 Plus model?

Hard to say right now — also, there’s no way to say this is an actual, production-grade phone. It could just be a mock-up; this would explain why there is no mute key. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Apple removed the mute key from its iPad models, so perhaps it is taking a similar approach with the larger iPhone 7 Plus model?

The new Home Button looks to have a more defined border, a solid silver outline is depicted in these images. Existing Space Grey iPhones do not have such a metallic ring — unlike the other color SKUs Apple makes. This indicates that the button itself has changed to some degree,” reports 9to5 Mac. “If Apple is moving to a touch-sensitive Home Button, it makes sense to have some kind of outlined affordance to show iPhone 7 users where they are supposed to press. The button does not appear to be completely flush, however. Previous reports suggested that the new Home Button would help Apple’s waterproofing and dustproofing efforts.”

There is evidence of Apple’s smart connector present in the images as well, but the jury’s still out on whether or not this feature will make it to the final model, as Apple is said to be testing its viability on units right now to determine whether it has legs or not. A smart-connected keyboard on a 6in phone doesn’t really make that much sense, after all.

In addition to these leaked images, other reports are now suggesting Apple will ditch 16GB iPhones this time around and instead make 32GB the base model for both models.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to launch around September time.

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