E3: Marble Madness coming to iPhone


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Handheld Games is bringing 1984 classic Marble Madness to the iPhone, in association with Midway.

True to the original, it’ll feature six levels of mazes that you have to navigate through to find the exit within a time limit. Aside from the standard oldie mode, there will also be a handful of new modes on offer, plus the option to use revamped visuals.

The new modes are based on various different types of race, including ‘Targets’ and ‘Flag’, where you have to roll over targets and weave between flags respectively. We don’t have any screenshots to show you at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as any additional information shows up.

Handheld games was responsible for the iPhone sports game TouchSports Tennis ’09, and is working on a handful of other games due for release in the coming months including the shooter Lock ‘n Load.

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