E3: Gameloft to bring Castle of Magic to iPhone


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One of our Top 10 mobile games ever, Castle of Magic, is being ported to the iPhone. Gameloft’s classic platform game was previewed at the E3 conference.

It’s a colourful, magic-influenced game that strays slightly from the mobile original in that it’s drawn in 2.5D rather than plain old 2D. This gives us hope that Castle of Magic may be every bit as good as its predecessor as it shows Gameloft is putting some real effort into this iPhone version rather than just quickly porting over the Java original.

It will feature five different environments, including ice, sea and space levels. Plus, there’s a boss for each of the environments. Your character gains new powers as he transforms between six different states too, from an arrow-firing archer to a swordfish.

Gameloft has treated us to a gameplay video of this colourful title, which you can see below, courtesy of Touch Arcade. Castle of Magic for iPhone should be available towards the end of June, and is likely to be priced at £3.49.

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